Destino Pacífico es el operador oficial
de todos los servicios turísticos del
Parque Nacional Natural
Isla Gorgona


About the Island

Gorgona Island N.N.P.

Gorgona Island N.N.P. is part of one of the 59 protected areas of the Colombian N.N.P. system. The park is made up of two islands (Gorgona and Gorgonilla).
The island is of vital importance as it is part of the "Tropical Eastern Pacific Marine Corridor", together with SFF Malpelo, NP Galapagos (Ecuador), Los Cocos (Costa Rica) and Coiba (Panama).

01. Diving in Gorgona

Gorgona Island is considered the 2nd best diving spot in the Colombian Pacific (after Malpelo's S.F.F.) and one of the best underwater destinations in Colombia and the world.

02. Biodiversity

It is known as the Science Island of Colombia, thanks to its great variety of fauna and flora, both terrestrial and marine.

03. Whales Encounter

Gorgona Island is one of the best places in the country to meet these imposing mammals. Whales feel so comfortable in this place that it is possible to see them from the beach or even dive alongside them.


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